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Delarosa Lending Group is a direct private lender offering commercial borrowers short-term capital for transactions collateralized with real estate assets. Whether it’s a bridge loan in anticipation of conventional financing or a fix and flip, our borrowers are able to move quickly. We provide a fast and easy solution to the lengthy loan process associated with traditional banks.  Loans are generally six to nine months and  Delarosa invests alongside our investors in every deal. 


Delarosa maintains stringent standards in our review of loan applications.  Conservative underwriting criteria ensures that loans are made only to qualified borrowers. These borrowers must have a reasonable exit strategy and provide Delarosa and its investors with sufficient, unencumbered assets as collateral.  When a loan has been repaid in full, investors can reinvest principal and interest in a new loan or withdraw the interest and reinvest the principal.  Principal can always be withdrawn once a loan has been paid in full.




Delarosa Asset Management LLC, is an owner/operator as well as investor in Multifamily apartment complexes. We offer our investors the opportunity to participate in the acquisition of properties that supply principal safety, current/increased cash returns and equity growth throughout their holding periods. 


Our particular area of expertise is in identifying and acquiring select Class B/C+ multifamily between 50-200 units in targeted areas.  By employing our own property management team and negotiating contracts directly with vendors and suppliers on a regular basis, we are able to offer superior returns, capital appreciation and significant tax advantages unavailable for other investment vehicles. 

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