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Evan Y. Shweky, Esq. Managing Partner

Since 2010, Evan Shweky, Esq. has been both acquiring and managing all operations of Delarosa's portfolio of multifamily apartment complexes. His hands-on approach to handling property acquisitions, turnarounds and property management has resulted in dramatic increases in the operating cash flow and property valuations of Delarosa's assets. Maximizing returns while minimizing investment risk are the cornerstone to Evan's acquisition strategy. In 2017 he began Delarosa Lending Group, providing short-term, asset-backed loans for contractors and investors doing fix & flips. As with his investment strategy for apartment acquisitions, all Delarosa Lending Group's loans are secured with first mortgages, providing investors with the security of an asset valued at equal or greater than the loan amount.

Evan began his career as a commercial real estate attorney with a top tier Connecticut law firm. His practice focused on representing large financial institutions in their disposition of distressed real estate portfolios. In addition he acted as counsel to a number of major Connecticut landlords and developers in both their acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate. Evan has been involved in excess of $525 million of commercial real estate transactions.


He later worked as a tax attorney for PricewaterhouseCoopers advising Fortune 1000 companies on complex issues surrounding tax implications of domestic corporate restructurings.

In 1997 Evan leveraged his experience and headed to Wall Street, beginning a successful career starting in institutional sales. From 2001 through 2010 he was a proprietary equities trader with the Royal Bank of Canada’s Capital Markets Group where he led a team of 15 traders. 

Evan earned a joint JD (with Honors)/MBA from the University of Connecticut and an LL.M in Taxation from New York University.  He holds a BA in Economics from Tufts University.


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