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In life and business we tend to "Swipe Right"; choose the safe, tried and true path. But what happens when we take a risk and Swipe Left or life decides we are going left? Swipe Left for Success host Evan Shweky, CEO of Delarosa Lending Group, a hard Money lender, and fix and flip and multi family investment firm interviews successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs who credit their success to those swipe left experiences. Hear their stories and advice and learn what you need to do to create your own success and wealth. Swipe Left for Success also offers timely informational videos on upping your game as a real estate investor or fix and flip entrepreneur. Tune in and "We'll see you at the Top!"    

Here are some Recent Videos. Check out Swipe Left For Success on YouTube for more...and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date!

Real Estate Wholesaling Courses are a Scam! [Here's Why]
You know those free real estate investing seminars where they will teach you how to become an ultra-successful real estate investor overnight? Most of the time they're going to teach you how to wholesale real estate and they're a SCAM!
I've spoken to hundreds of people who have invested thousands and maxed out credit cards in courses to learn the "secrets" to success only to find out they don't work. I hate seeing people fall out of love with real estate investing just because some smooth-talking sales rep convinced them he could make them millions. As the old saying goes ... "If it was that easy, everyone would do it!"
Mortgage Forbearance | What You Need to Know So You Don't Lose Your Home [2020 Cares Act]
Did you apply for a COVID home mortgage forbearance? Do you know what is available to you under the CARES Act? Do you know how to apply for one? Do you need an extension to your forbearance? Are you worried about how you are going to pay back your mortgage when the forbearance period ends?
Mortgage forbearance is an option to reduce or pause paying a mortgage. However, it does not erase what you owe and you are required to make up the missed or reduced payments. Under the CARES Act no fees, penalties, or added interest will be charged. Regular interest will continue to accrue.
5 Easy to Start Investing in Real Estate...Today!
Are you looking to make your fortune in real estate but don't know how to get started? Here are 5 ways you can invest in real estate now and begin building a lucrative real estate portfolio. Evan Shweky, CEO of Delarosa Lending Group, will guide you through 5 types of active and passive real estate investments that you can get involved with...Today!

5 things the top real estate investors all do to achieve success...and you can too!  There is no question that real estate investing is a top way to achieve wealth.  If it was easy, everyone would do it, but there are definitely things you can start doing today to put yourself on the road to success. In this video we cover 5 key things all successful real estate investors do that you should be doing as well.

Investors Guide to New Floor Plans, Materials & Amenities Post COVID. Covid-19 has effected what we do in our homes and raised concerns about germs and cleanliness. Learn about new layouts, building materials and amenities that Real Estate Investors can employ to increase the value and desirability of their properties in our new post Corona world.
Finding and Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent 

As a real estate investor, your greatest asset is an real estate agent with investment savvy. Watch this video to learn the skills and qualities of an investor friendly realtor and how do you find one...or become one!

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