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Asset Based Lending and Investment, Acquisition & Management of Multi-Family Apartment Communities

Investment & Management Philosophy



Delarosa Lending Group is a direct private lender offering qualified borrowers short-term, commercial bridge loans under $500,000 that are normally not serviced by traditional financial institutions.  In addition, Delarosa is able to expedite the loan process, getting borrowers from the initial application to the closing table quickly ensuring that “of the essence” deals are not lost due to committee and red tape.   




Delarosa Asset Management LLC, is an owner/operator as well as investor in Multifamily apartment complexes. We offer our investors the opportunity to participate in the acquisition of properties that supply principal safety, current/increased cash returns and equity growth throughout their holding periods. 


Our particular area of expertise is in identifying and acquiring select Class B/C+ multifamily between 50-200 units in targeted areas.  By employing our own property management team and negotiating contracts directly with vendors and suppliers on a regular basis, we are able to offer superior returns, capital appreciation and significant tax advantages unavailable for other investment vehicles. 


Many of our target assets are owned and operated by less sophisticated investors, lacking the skill required to improve operational efficiency allowing for enhanced property appreciation. Capital preservation, steady/improving operational cash flow and long term capital appreciation are the hallmark characteristics of a Delarosa investment.  Adhering to strict investment criteria has resulted in annual returns of 32% since 2010.

Executive Biographies


Evan Shweky, Esq. Managing Partner

Since 2010, Evan Shweky, Esq. has been both acquiring and managing all operations of Delarosa's portfolio of multifamily apartment complexes. In 2017 he founded Delarosa Lending Group, an hard money lender for real estate ventures.


Jaclynn Fischman Managing Partner, Marketing & Investor Relations

Jaclynn Fischman joined Delarosa Lending Group in early 2018 managing marketing and investor relations for the Hard Money Lending Business.



Agnes Alston Regional Director, Property Management

Ms. Alston is responsible for all leasing activities and is the direct contact for tenants, maintaining strong resident relations and ensuring that residents are served well and satisfied with the apartment community. 


Luis Lopez Director, Facilities Management

Mr. Lopez and his staff are responsible for the upkeep of all of the Delarosa properties. In addition, he plays an integral role in helping Delarosa assess new properties for acquisition.


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