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Short Term Loans for Long Term Success

Delarosa Lending Group is a direct private lender. We offer commercial borrowers short-term capital for transactions collateralized with real estate assets. Whether it’s a bridge loan in anticipation of conventional financing or a fix and flip, our borrowers are able to move quickly. We provide a fast and easy solution to the lengthy loan process associated with traditional banks.


Interest rates are just one reason to choose a particular lender over another.  Delarosa has built a reputation of transparency, being able to move quickly and being easy to work with. This combination keeps our borrowers coming back and drives referrals by both borrowers and the real estate and mortgage industry professionals we work with on loans.

  • Loans from $25K to $500K.

  • Up to 75% LTV.

  • Closings as quickly as 48 hours of applications

  • No monthly interest payments - Interest paid at maturity. "No hold-back provision!"

  • Initial construction draw dispersed at closing – Borrowers are not required to put up initial construction draw. Start work with cash in hand immediately!

  • Savings of up to $3,500 in closing costs as compared with typical competitors. "No junk fees."

  • No Pre-payment Penalty

  • Interest accrues on funds as they are disbursed, not on face amount of promissory note.


Delarosa’s investment strategy enables us to provide consistently better returns and a lower risk profile than those offered by our competitors. We do not operate as a fund nor do we package and resell loans. All loans are serviced in-house and we are aligned with the interests of our investors by investing alongside them in every deal. Quarterly statements summarizing account information and activity are provided to each investor.


Reliable Cash Flow:  Delarosa investors can expect annual fixed returns of 9%.


Capital Preservation:  All investments made by Delarosa are secured by a first position, “priority” lien on the property in question.  Additionally, loan-to-value (“LTV”) ratios are typically 60%-70% allowing the invested capital to be preserved in the unlikely event of a default.

Diversification:  Depending on the amount of invested capital, our investors can participate in a number of different deals at any given time, providing diversification to their overall portfolio as well as within their investment with Delarosa.

Minimal Volatility:  Loans are short-term (6 to 10 months), reducing market risk pertaining to the valuation of the collateralized real estate


Passive Income: When a loan has been repaid in full, investors can reinvest principal and interest in a new loan or withdraw the interest and reinvest the principal.  Principal can always be withdrawn once a loan has been paid in full. Unlike other investment opportunities, there are no lock-up periods.

Investing through Retirement Accounts

Accredited investors are permitted to invest with Delarosa through self-directed individual retirement accounts, 401(K) plans, Keogh plans, and other qualified retirement plans, which may be eligible for tax deferred or tax-free growth, asset protection, and yearly tax deductions where appropriate.

Delarosa Hard Money Lending vrs S&P 500
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